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They both claim to be in love for 5years. All through their relationship, the guy kept insulting her, he beats her up publicly; molest her when she's not in the mood. He also slept with hersister and posted copies of her nude body all over the campus. But the girl stood by him and loved him even more. Her friends persuaded her and tried τ̅☺ discourage her, but she kept putting up with him and even helped him excel in all his lectures and exams.
On the final day of graduation, the guy was to graduate with a first class, a day filled with joy for her and him. He sent her a text and told her ''the relationship is over.'' ‘How cruel some guys can be! While waiting for his award at the convocation ceremony. The girl walked up to him and told him ''you are finished. ‘Immediately the VC announced and told the guy, his papers were not found, that he never did his registration during the admission process. He had to start all over again after wasting 5years of hard work. However...The girl was the brain behind the missing papers. How heartless some girls can be! 

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