I am so so Heart Broken- To say i am so so heart broken is an understatement. My so called fiance left me for my very best friend. In fact their wedding is coming up in two weeks time. I wouldn't like to go into details as it really hurts to relate it and just incase he or anyone that knows me would come across this when it is posted. 
But let me put it this way, they haven't much male in the family and they just wanted him married. We courted for 6yrs, 4yrs through university, a year during youth service and 1year afterwards. We all knew each other, i mean my best friend and my boyfriend and we were like a family, but they have now left me outside of the family. I am the nice girl type, prettier and can cook. I guess his family liked me but why this is happening to me now, is what i can't really explain. I discovered he was having a crush for her, i confronted both of them, he denied it and then we decided to stay a little while separate, only for me to hear they are getting married soon. It's now going to 2months, am still hurting but a friend suggested i should try to get myself busy with other things but she doesn't know how difficult it is. It comes my mind every now and then. I contacted him, and he can't really give me any good reason, neither can the mum. The same friend, told me to stop calling them and pretend its not hurting me but this is like an emotional torture! I have lost some weight in 2months.. As i work mon through friday, am at home today and saw an earlier post you made on someone seeking advice and so i felt to mail this for two reason. 1- For people to advice me -can something still be done, is it too late? maybe if a man of God talks to him, he will come to his senses but he is not a religious person -How can i overcome this situation, i have tried many things.... 2. I'm not thinking of dating anytime soon after this experience, but how do you know these lions in sheep clothing? Maybe my experience can be a lesson to others. How do you know these lion in sheep clothing? I mean in both ways, male and female. So that men and women would avoid them and save themselves from heartbreaks and disappointments after a long courtship. Patience(Not my real name 

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