I have a girl dating for 6yrs,so one day she brought her sister's First daughter to my place and my friend saw the girl and they started dating each other behind me & my girlfriend.
few month later the issue was leaked out to us and my girl was annoyed and shifted the blame on me that i knew about it.and i told my girlfriend dat i'm innocent, so my girl said she and her sister's daughter can not mari in desame place because me and my frnd are living together in the same room for now.either she live me or my friend live the girl. few months later my girl started double date with me and i catch her. she told me dat was the reason when my friend doesn't leave the girl she's thinking of leaving me. when she said that i decided to have another girl incase she did what she said. in this process, i fortunate 2 meet a virgin and we luv eachoda very much.and my former girl are still coming 2 me bec it difficult to leave each other but the luv is not like before,the day i
disvirgin d girl and i decide to tell my
former girl dat i'm nt doing again bec. i hate double dating,and she her
self nw call me dat i should forgive her
dat she now repent and came
back to beg me and started reminding me of where we started so i'm now so confused.pls who do i choose. between the virgin girl and my former girl.i luv both of them till now o.so i'm confused.

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