I really nid hep on dis pls,I no longer have feelings 4 guys,n my sex urge is increasing,d only thing I think about now is sex,sumtimes I mastubate,I ve slept wit more dan 2 guys now dat I dont believe I cud ever do such a thing wit, once u dont satisfy me I hate u,sumtimes I wil be asking why? I used 2 be a very responsible lady until I was maltreated by differentkind of guys,I no longa believe in dem,I believe any gud thing can not com 4rm dem,, my heart is so rigid dat I ve been thinkin of getting kids n be on my own,I have not been hapi wit my life,dis is not who I use 2 be,I use 2 be d opposite of who i am now,I'm dying I think I need help,I use 2 be a born again Christian but it's real hard 4 me now 2 pray,I dont know what 2 do 2 get myself out of dis mess.

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