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A disobedient and stubborn wife is the worst thing that can ever happen to a Nigerian man, most Nigerian men would rather remain single than marry a stubborn and disobedient woman. Some Nigerian women hide their true dispositions until they have stepped their feet over the threshold of their matrimonial home- then their true character emerges.
Unfortunately for undiscerning men, Nigerian families do not encourage or support divorce- so they'll just have to make the best of the "bad" situation they have found themselves. 

However some men have devised a means of keeping their pesky wives in check, by doing any of the following:

Beat The Living Daylights Out of Her

Yes, some Nigerian men still beat up their stubborn wives. Now the real question you should be asking is- "what does he use to beat her?" Most men prefer using a belt, it is within easy reach and he wouldn't have to worry that the belt would break (local canes break easily because they are used for beating naughty children).

Most financially challenged men are the ones who actually beat up their wives and some neighbours don't see any reason why they should interfere when a man is teaching his stubborn wife a lesson or two. The only time some people interfere is when the man is almost killing his wife and no one wants to start giving statements at the police station.

Please Note: Nigerians are not heartless; they have been warned from childhood never to interfere in the affairs of a married couple! Because most married couples always blame people who try to help them by accusing them of interfering in their business.

Stop Eating The Meals She Prepares For Him

This is the highest insult a man can give to a Nigerian woman. Some Nigerian men would never hit a woman (it is believed in some cultures that only lazy men hit women), instead - he would ignore her well prepared meals and treat her with a somewhat cold civility. The woman would (off course) scream blue murder and report him to his family members who would summon him and ask him why he has been refusing to eat the meals his wife has been preparing for him (it is a very serious issue not to eat your wife's cooking). He would explain his wife's offence before the members of the family (a stubborn wife is not appreciated in any Nigerian family) she would be told to kneel down and beg for his forgiveness!

Cheat On Her With Her Full Knowledge

This is the fastest way to keep a Nigerian woman in check, because everyone (even the woman's own family members) would blame her if her husband cheats on her with her full knowledge - it simply means she has done something to make him feel she does not deserve his respect. No Nigerian man would cheat on his wife with her full knowledge, unless he has something to prove. A good Nigerian man cheats on his wife and is very discreet about it.

Let's face facts, no one wants to be married to a shrew, men want to come home to loving, beautiful and caring wife, who will always make them feel good about themselves even if they have had the worst day. 

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