1) First repenting from any unproductive mindsets that YOU contribute to your OWN heartbreak and praying for God's favor and being in a place that you can be blessed by getting rid of the junk that tangles all of us up. We all struggle with Selfishness, dishonesty, confusion, laziness, hypocrisy and an abusive mindset.

2) Thoroughly check someone out over a time period. Keep yourself sexually restrained because it makes it easier to gracefully make an exit if you see something that troubles you. Make a short list of attributes, this helps you to two things, find someone good faster and second you focus on whats really important.

3) When you choose someone, then give yourself to them fully and totally. Don't be ready to jump ship if something embarrassing or difficult pops up. Stay with it unless he is cheating, beating or abandons you.

The 28 year old kicked off her web series on her blog, asking “why men can be such morons“. Toke, who also says in the video that she is now officially back in the dating market (Yep, guys it’s time to hunt), speaks on how she is “old fashioned when it comes to dating” and “how BlackBerry is the devil’s invention” – ruining dating life

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After you meet a woman and start dating her, you get to know her better. You probably start feeling closer to her and may even find yourself falling in love. But her feelings may still remain a mystery to you. You’re not even sure whether you’re doing things right.
How can you get her to fall in love with you? Here are 9 ways how to woo your woman, and at the end of it, she’s sure to be crazy about you. Where my guys at? Leggoo!

1. Display maturity..... It’s always said that women mature faster than guys and are often found complaining about how immature they act. Impress her with the way you deal with situations and your outlook on the whole. Show her how responsible you are about finances, or serious you are about your career. And demonstrate your ability to think clearly and rationally when disagreements crop up or a conflict of interests presents itself.

TIP: Women love it when a guy takes interest in their likes, dislikes, interests, family, childhood and so many other areas. Talking to her about herself is the best way to make her fall in love.

2. Romance her....... Make her feel good by keeping the romance alive in the relationship. You don’t have to spend a whole lot of money doing this. Sure, there isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t adore flowers and gifts, but you can also do things that don’t cost a lot but can still enhance your relationship. Write her little notes or send her a mushy card. Call her up just to tell her you’re thinking about her and can’t wait to see her again. Be attentive and make her feel cherished and truly special.

3. Be faithful..... Don’t ever give her occasion to doubt you. Let her know that you have eyes only for her and the rest of the world takes a backseat. Let her sense your commitment to her and your relationship. Being able to trust someone and truly rely on him is a very powerful feeling. So many people profess deep feelings and then cheat on their partners. Don’t just tell her but show her that she can count on you. Women need to feel secure and once that is established, it takes the relationship to a higher level.

4. Time spent with her is precious..... Make it clear that you really treasure the time you spend with her, irrespective of what you’re doing together. And prove it! For instance, if she suddenly tells you she’d like to meet you because she’s finishing work early and you
had something else lined up, cancel it for her. That doesn’t mean you cater to her to the exclusion of everything else, just that you sometimes sacrifice something you care about to be with her. If she begs you to come see a movie and you had plans with your
buddies, do it for her and let her know subtly that you did. She will surely reward you! Women also love it if you do some girly stuff with them like shopping for lingerie, and aren’t afraid of sacrificing your masculinity in the process. It just makes you more of a man in their eyes!

5. Compliment her..... You don’t have to go over the top always telling her how good she looks or how gorgeous her hair is or what a lovely outfit she’s wearing. A compliment has more effect when it is sincere, well-timed and, often, out of the blue. While a
woman always loves hearing that she’s looking good, you can’t keep telling her that. It will lose its charm eventually. A compliment is valued when there is a surprise element to it. Telling her how witty you find her, how her intelligence turns you on, appreciating how thoughtful and generous she can be, or her gentle nature, all these are deeper compliments, which, when paid sincerely, make the recipient feel ten feet tall.

6. Laughter....Use humor as your biggest ally. If she enjoys your company and looks forward to seeing you again, you’re rapidly becoming an addiction, and that’s just what you’re aiming for. It’s not about making her laugh over your one-liners and finding you hilarious. It’s more about being on the same wavelength and enjoying the other’s sense of humor too. Or finding humor in similar situations or having a favorite serial or sitcom, which you talk about and cracks you up. Finding the same joke funny, or sharing a smile, draws you closer and makes you feel like kindred spirits. It’s a great feeling!

7. Give her space.... Don’t be possessive and make her account to you regarding her whereabouts. Let her know you trust her. Don’t expect her to spend all her free time with you. Let her have her own life too. Often when in a relationship, people make the mistake of spending every waking moment that they can manage together, and in the process, alienate themselves from friends and even lose their identity. Let her be her own person.

8. Be thoughtful..... You remember little things she told you, and remind her of it at opportune moments. It may be that she once mentioned she loves having chicken soup when she’s got a cold, and you land up with some when she’s got the sniffles. Or she’s told you how she adores a particular entree at a popular restaurant and the next time you go there, you order it and surprise her. It makes her feel like you genuinely listen to her and take the trouble to act on it and make her happy.

9. “I love you”..... And of course, while showing her should give her the message, there’s a lot to be said for saying it loud and clear. Tell her how important she is to you. You might want to think about when you’re first going to tell her those three words. If it’s too early in the relationship, she might be skeptical that you could feel so deeply so soon. And thereafter, it’s not just choosing the right moment, but making every small moment count. You don’t have to wait only till you’re kissing her, or in bed. Saying it when it’s least expected makes it all the more precious. She might be telling you something and the feeling just overwhelms you – tell her at that instant. She won’t mind being interrupted mid-sentence.

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Hello! I would like to remain anonymous please. I've been dating this guy for 6 years now. From the beginning the relationship was very rocky. We broke up a lot over very petty things. I told him that the next time he breaks up with me im gone for good. About 6 months ago during one argument i tried to leave and he shoved me really hard. I forgave him and told him to never put his hands on me again. He agreed but then it happened again only this time it was really bad. He left choke marks on my neck and bruises on my arms and face. I was humiliated and heart broken. It wasn't the physical abuse that hurt the most but the emotional pain behind it. I left him but i continued talking to him as a friend. He begs for me back, brings me flowers,expensive gifts and has even seeked out a psychiatrist. He cries in front of me when we talk about the fight and tells me how sorry he is and begs for me back. I love this man. Did he honestly make a mistake? I want to believe in my heart that he wont do it again but im afraid of what may happen if i take him back. He comes from a good family and he is a man of God. he even got me into going to church which hurt and confused me even more. Please help...
A lady who seriously loves her guy from the heart wouldn't dump him once he's facing rough times. She sticks around, comforts him and helps him get back on his feet.
But a girl who decreases her love for her guy when his facing hard times just only loves him for “what he has not for what he is”
am a young guy of 20. dis my 2nd yr in school. My problem is dat i dont know how 2 aproach a lady, am gud looking and tall, here in skul i have alot of female friends, have noticed dat girls just like comin around me, i find most of dem very atractive and desire dem bt den, i dont just know how 2 start askin dem out. I need advice on how 2 ask a lady out pls. Thanks as u post dis 4 me
I have been dating this guy for over 4 years. ever since we started dating, we haven't stayed in the same location but since i trusted him 2 b a born again Christian, i never worried about d distance, i love and trusted him so much 2 d extend of giving my password 2 him, if i asked him 2 come online so dat we can chat, he will ask me 2 concentrate on my book, any time he calls he will just be brief and end d call, i complain but no changes, he monitors my FB since he has d password but he kept his own password 2 himself. 2 cut d long story short, 2day i have access 2 visit his inbox on fb and c d reason y he doesn''t want to give me his password. My questn is should i confront him or i should live him.

 i have a problem because of my relationship wit my gf, we met 2011 but I never asked her 4 sex on till dis year, coz she said she is still a virgin dat's why I didn't Wt 2 touch ha, last week I try 2 visit her in her school not knowing she have turned her self to a prostitute, when I entered her room I saw a condom pack at d floor, she is also on naked but when she saw me. She rough 2 kiss me n pushed me 2 her. romancing me and I pushed her away . 2wks later she started gossip wit my name dat i hate her, pls guyz am I at fault?
pls, a girl I av been asking out 4 about a yeár told ♏ε recently that she loves me but can't Date me. And i love her so much and wanna date her, I need a serious relationship wit her. Wat Do I Do I need matured advice pls.