An ongoing trend in African weddings is wearing an African themed wedding dress. Would you prefer wearing any of these rather than the all white norm? 
The gorgeous lady behind the Unveil brand- Bunmi Oyeniyi is getting set to take over the market again. She did it several years ago when she launched what has come to be known in the market as the best brushes for makeover artists. Many still testifies to that fact that the Unveil make-up brushes has no rival in the market. 

Not long after that success, the well-known make-over artist, who we hear is one of the top 5 in the industry, had another first, she opened a Government approved vocational studies School, where students are taught the art of make-up artistry, etiquette and elocution amongst the several courses of study. The school- The Unveil Institute, which is about a year and a half old, as done extremely well. Helping to set many on the path of entrepreneurship and glorious success. 

Moving on from all that, Bunmi we hear is set to launch into the market, her own exclusive make-up products. The range is called Unveil MUP; the MUP refers to make-up products. It took the whole of 3 years of research and hard work to get to this point from what we have gathered, to make sure that the quality of the products are not short-changed, the MD of Unveil had to travel from China, to the UK and to the US, testing many products, wanting to make sure the products are of the highest standards and good for all skin-types. Until finally the best choice of manufacturers were found in the US. It is the same company that produces for some of the best brands in the market, known by all. 

So come the end of June 2012 at a venue in Ikeja, Lagos. The new entrant into the make-up industry- UNVEIL MUP would be launched to a lot of fanfare. In the range are about 40 different shades of ''smackers'' that's lipsticks, there are about 13 shades of ''Glaze of Lights'' which is the name for the lip-glosses, 52 shades of ''Eye Silhouettes'' that’s eye shadows, over 13 shades of ''Cheek Glow'' which is the name for their blushers, 5 shades of ''Smog'' another name for foundations, powders are called ''Face Glow'' and they come in 3 shades, the high definition Mascara's come in 2 colours, the lip-definer another name for lip pencil comes in 12 colours and lastly the ''Eye Intensifier'' which is the inner eye rim pencil comes in 10 different colours, not forgetting the brow pencil.

All the products come in very exotic and playful colours named after admirable things we have come to love. 
Eku Edewor is the beautiful actress, producer , presenter, model with the eclectic style her bio is quite staggering. In the course of the post i found out so much about her apart from the obvious ones which are that she is co- presenter Studio 53 Extra and a model. As a producer Eku has worked with numerous artists, producers and writers, including, the production of the 2009 Ian Dury Biopic, Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll, which included a star studded cast and crew. Internationally, she was the Project Manager for ARISE Magazine, coordinating the production of the ARISE Collective III, 2010 Autumn/ Winter Ready to Wear Show at New York Fashion Weekand a Fashion Exhibition introducing African Designers at the Four Seasons in Paris for Women’s Fashion Week. She also representedARISE and assisted production at the 2011 Face of Africa event held in Lagos, Nigeria. She’s also the muse for top Nigerian Fashion line Jewel by Lisa.

I love how her style is dynamic, simple and chic. So what do you think?

What if you woke one morning and couldn’t find your favourite pair of jeans? Freaking out would be the expected response because jeans are deeply ingrained in our wardrobe in this society we live in today.

The denim jeans have been around for decades and it will never go out of fashion; they are young, versatile, comfortable, and durable and most often than not, they look good.

The denim jeans trousers are a classic and also come in various cuts for various body types. There are

1.     The skinny jeans

2.     The boot cut jeans

3.     Boyfriend jeans

4.     Flared jeans

5.     Straight jeans
Jeans are a great look any day for a casual or semi-formal look. The ‘jeans look’ is for everyone regardless of the person’s age, sex or body type. Ways by which you can turn heads in the popular jeans trend is to be edgy about it, add pieces that really stand out. Here are some examples on how this can be done:


1.     Try the ‘ripped jeans’ trend, this is a move only for the bold as it involved showing off some skin. Since not everyone can understand the ‘ripped jeans’ trend, give them an even harder time by accessorizing your ripped jeans with black leather, high heeled shoes, creoles, studded bracelets for the rocker chic look.

2.     Whether in high heels or flat soles you will still look lovely in your jeans. The heels work excellently for the jeans, gives it a more sophisticated look, alternate with sandals for a more relaxed look. Even the sneakers look great on jeans. However, it’s to be noted here that chunky wedged shoes do not mesh with skinny jeans.

3.     Blazers work wonders to any outfit and jeans are no exception. When choosing to wear a blazer with jeans, they need to be of contrasting colours so that they stand out individually.


4.     Unlike the little black dress that completes its elegance with a clutch purse, the denim jeans can be paired with any type of bag a lady owns, it’s such a versatile item that can be paired with just about anything

5.     Belts are a great way to draw attention to your denim jeans. An eye catching belt with sequins, rhinestones, studs,or even animal skin belts are really great with jeans. The belts also double as fasteners as they keep the jeans in place for instance, when a lady bends down it prevents her underwear from being exposed.

It’s important that a lady has a pair or more jeans in her wardrobe, it serves as a default outfit and it works every time for the casual, semi-formal look. The denim can be paired with about anything and aces as a great look anytime.